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    The continuous movement of the white volume

    Project Specs


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    J Carving art studio is located in HuiAn Culture Creative Industry Park. The project site is rectangular, with a natural lake on the south side and a park road on the north side.


    ▼从湖面步道远眺建筑,looking far from the footpath on the lake


    The architectural form grows from the inside out, and the continuous movement of the white volume is precisely the clue of the internal space organization. The virtual space on the first floor is the main entrance of the building, and the space on the third and fourth floors is for the reception and the large balcony that extends outward. In addition, the building seems to have a trend towards the southeast in the face of the lake on the south side.

    ▼建筑外观,exterior view

    ▼建筑南立面主入口,main entrance at south facade


    The main functions of the studio are workshop, display, design, research, office, negotiation and reception, etc.The main starting point of the design is how to integrate these functions into an organic system and connect the various spatial units in the manner of promenade.

    ▼一层展览空间,exhibition area on first floor


    The straight flight stairs from the hall to the roof on the west side and the north-east vertical traffic. It provides rich and flexible streamline system.

    ▼西立面图,一层门厅至屋顶的直跑楼梯,west elevation, the straight flight stairs from the hall to the roof


    ▼西侧楼梯平台,stair platform on west side

    ▼直跑楼梯,the straight flight stairs


    Along the long side of the building, there is a cylindrical ramp through the first to third floors on the east side.

    ▼东立面图,贯通一层到三层的筒形坡道,east elevation, cylindrical ramp through the first to third floors

    ▼筒形坡道,cylindrical ramp


    In the meanwhile, spatial design focuses on the characteristics of unit space, such as light & dark, closed & open, wide & narrow, wide & narrow, high & low, and large & small, bringing the architecture with rich landscape and rhythm transformation. Moreover, a long and narrow trapezoidal courtyard is formed between the east cylindrical ramp and the main building, which provides good natural lighting, ventilation and governing factors for the entire building space. The south-side large balcony on the third and fourth floors can be used as a knot for starting, bearing, turning and knotting in various spatial sequences. People can rest here and feel the breeze when enjoying the scenery. The streamline is very flexible and fluent.

    ▼东侧筒形坡道与主体建筑间形成的狭长梯形院落,long and narrow trapezoidal courtyard formed between the east cylindrical ramp and the main building


    ▼一层平面图,first floor plan

    ▼二层平面图,second floor plan

    ▼三层平面图,third floor plan

    ▼四层平面图,forth floor plan


    项目名称 / project name:J雕艺工作室 / J Carving art studio
    建筑公司 / architect or company:尹培如建筑工作室 / Yin Peiru Architecture Studio
    联系邮箱 / contact e-mail:[email protected]
    设计时间:2014-2015,竣工时间:2017 / Design Year:2014-2015,Completion Year:2017
    主创及设计团队 / Leader designer & Team:尹培如、杨念明、李森 / Peiru Yin , Nianmin Yang , Sen Li
    项目地址 / Project location:福建省泉州市惠安县山霞镇/Huian, Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China
    建筑面积 / Gross Built Area (square meters):2550㎡
    摄影师 / Photo credits:尹培如 / Peiru Yin
    施工图单位:华侨大学建筑设计院 / Construction Drawing : Architectural Design Institute,Hua Qiao University
    客户 / Clients:J雕艺工作室 / J Carving art studio

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