• everyone × Xiangshan Central Campus

    (Video in!) What do people think of Xiangshan Campus after years of its completion? And what changes does it bring to the city?

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    gooood为你奉上“每个人everyone”专辑。这是第六期:每个人 × 中国美院象山校区

    Most of people lives in cities, experiencing architecture spaces everyday. Design is closely related to everyone, and listening to people from other industries also enables us to expand our understanding about design, architecture, urban environment and the whole world.

    everyone album NO.6 – everyone × Xiangshan Central Campus


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    这次的采访对象有国美学生,工作人员,游客。gooood通过采访了解到,民众对象山校区持喜欢和肯定态度。现象级作品-象山校区不仅是艺术学子的梦想,同时也拉动了周边区域经济发展,更承担了城市公共绿地的功能,成为市民们休闲好去处,另有别名“转塘人民公园”。 每个城市都有迥异的风土人情,希望能看到更多适应当地文脉具有个性的人尺度城市空间。

    gooood randomly interviewed several people in Xiangshan campus, including students of China Academy of Art, working persons and visitors. Through the interview, we found that most people’s attitude towards Xiangshan Campus is positive. This phenomenal piece of work is not only an ideal school for art students, but also playing a significant role in stimulating the economic development of the surrounding areas. What’s more, it becomes an urban green land for citizens to spend their leisure time, which earns it the name of “Zhuantang People’s Park”. Every city has its own identity and more urban spaces corresponding to local context and human scale are expected.

    出品人:向玲 | Producer: Xiang Ling
    编辑团队:苏昕,陈诺嘉, 鹿璐,刘秘 | Editor: Su Xin, Chen Nuojia, Lu lu, Liu Mi