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    Interview travelers in Hainan to see what kind of resort hotel would be more attractive.

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    gooood为你奉上“每个人everyone”专辑。这是第九期:每个人 × 度假酒店

    Most of people lives in cities, experiencing architecture spaces everyday. Design is closely related to everyone, and listening to people from other industries also enables us to expand our understanding about design, architecture, urban environment and the whole world.

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    Along with the development of travel industry, more and more resort hotels bloom in China. Unlike the traditional hotels, resort hotels always locate in the nature and provide more entertainment facilities, which could enhance people’s travel experience. Hainan with its tropical climate is becoming a hot spot for traveling. Usually, Travelers in Hainan are more experienced that they would like to spend more money and time in an island apart from the main land. Thus we decide to take an interview here to ask the veterans about their opinions on resort hotels.


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    According to the interview, we found that despite scenery and service, people pay much attention on the facilities when they are choosing a resort hotel. As many parents would take their children to travel, parent-children facilities become a priority. It also shows that people tend to spend their vacation in the hotel if it has a clear theme or diverse entertainments. Compared with the large scale, some people think that resort hotels in China should pay more attention in details and be more human-oriented, which would make people feel safe and ease. High-tech equipment as well as various themes could also improve the image of the hotel and create a distinctive experience for people.


    出品人:向玲 | Producer: Xiang Ling
    编辑团队:陈诺嘉,武晨曦,王子帆,李应初 | Editor: Chen Nuojia, Wu Chenxi, Wang Zifan, Li Yingchu

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